Calcium Aluminate For Synthetic Slag Applications

BPI produces a range of calcium aluminate products with low melting points for synthetic slag applications primarily in ladle metallurgy operations. We offer complete start to finish ladle practice analysis with recommended synthetic slag additions for metallurgical operations. BPI produces and stocks calcium aluminate products at McKees Rocks, New Castle, Bessemer, Schenley, and Muskogee Oklahoma. Our calcium aluminates are custom manufactured to meet customer specifications for both chemistry and melting point characteristics. Our large inventory of finished products and large variety of calcium aluminates allow us to produce custom products that are unavailable from other manufacturers. Our calcium aluminates are cost competitive, consistent, and always in stock.

Our unique manufacturing method provides engineered products to our customers delivering maximum performance with minimum cost. Because we custom manufacture every product, we can make changes to the chemistry easily and at a moments notice. Our present calcium aluminate inventory includes over 30 different types of calcium aluminate with total inventories in excess of 10,000 tons from 3 production plants. We are fully committed to 100% on time delivery and maintain multiple inventories and equipment to assure supply reliability.

We have an experienced steelmaking expert on staff for consultation. This allows us added depth in assisting customers with slag chemistry issues, and product development ideas.

  • Consistent, high quality products.
  • C.O.A. with every load
  • 100% on time delivery
  • Continuous improvement
  • Large calcium aluminate inventories
  • Flexibility to change product chemistry to optimize performance.
  • Product innovations
  • Slag consulting expert available

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