Technical Sales Team

BPI processes mineral by-products into quality low cost finished products. The company specializes in the processing of inorganic solid by-products, including magnesium oxides, zirconium oxides, aluminum silicates, calcium silicates, calcium aluminates, silicon carbides, iron oxides, sulfur, aluminum, silicon, ferroalloys, soda ash, cryolites and carbons.

BPI provides technical and sales support through its own staff, industry consultants, and manufacturing representatives. We have people focused in specialized areas as follows:

Steel Related Products:

KRK Associates, Inc., headquartered in Canfield, Ohio, provides technical sales and service for our steel products.Our in house analytical capabilities include x-ray florescence for chemical analysis, and specialized equipment to measure melting points and solubility characteristics.

We offer the following services for our slag conditioning products:

  • Preliminary synthetic slag addition analysis
  • Process observation to optimize slag-making process
  • Exit ladle slag chemical analysis to refine process
  • Fine tuning of product chemistry for Calcium Aluminate or Calcium Silicate slag additions
  • Certificates of analysis with each delivery
  • Extensive QC and QA program for manufacture of Calcium Aluminates and Calcium Silicates

Refractory Products:

BPI staff and industry consultants provide technical and sales support for our refractory products. In house capabilities include the following:

  • Raw material performance characterization
  • Assess raw material usage and suggest cost effective alternatives
  • X-ray fluorescence analytical capabilities
  • X-ray diffraction studies
  • Laser particle size analysis
  • Set time and heat of hydration testing for CAC products.
  • High temperature furnace for testing to 1700°C (approx. 4000°F)

Technical Info Contact:

Phone: 412-371-8554
Fax: 412-371-9984

KRK Associates:
Phone: 330-533-1099
Fax: 330-533-2225